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Hidden Potential with Sarah Saffari

May 17, 2021

It is really easy to navigate through life without actually being conscious of how we are behaving, what we are creating and why we do what we do. Consciousness means not only being alive, but also being aware. In this episode of the Hidden Potential Podcast, Sarah Saffari welcomes Yedda Stancil for a conversation about changing belief systems, reprogramming thoughts, and awakening to life.


“When you start to see contrast, when things start to challenge or question the way you show up in the world, what happens is we start to get curious and we start to ask ‘What’s going on? Is there something else here that I might need to look at?’” – Yedda Stancil


What we feel dictates what we do and in order to change ourselves it’s important to change our beliefs about previously learned patterns and behaviors which we no longer want to have. The key for this whole change process is awareness: paying attention to our daily actions, our self-dialogue, our inner talk, and our habitual thoughts. Yedda also explains that our ego might get in the way once in a while, but it’s important to have patience and compassion with ourselves.


“It’s not about getting rid of or beating down the ego, it’s about integrating him or her back into the experience and saying ‘thank you so much for protecting me.’” – Yedda Stancil


You will also hear about how good it is to have a community, a group of people, and models you want to be similar to. They will serve as inspirations for the new “you” that you want to create. Engage in communities, make connections and if you don’t have one, be the first one. Start this new social form, this new movement that will shape fresh ideas of awakening to the real consciousness.


 “Social norms are the number one way to change your behavior so whatever you’re trying to show up with in a relationship, in a business, in your community, with your health, whatever it is, go find people that already have what you want.” – Yedda Stancil


About Yedda Stancil

Yedda Stancil is a Consciousness Coach and Consultant. In her work, Yedda incorporates important aspects of mindfulness, personal development, personal growth, and headship skills with the business and personal lives of her clients.


Key Timestamps

[02:05] – What does it mean to be a consciousness coach;

[04:37] – Move out from the autopilot way of living;

[09:23] – How the environment influences our awakening;

[14:07] – How to change our belief system;

[18:32] – Why it’s important to be patient when changing belief systems;

[25:01] – Yedda explains it’s normal to shut down when we want to change;

[32:50] – To rewire old beliefs we must be in this constant dialogue with ourselves;

[35:30] – You can be the creator of a new social norm;

[41:08] – Why the ego is a consequence of your concept around it;

[47:08] – Do you know why your ego is different from everybody else’s?


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