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Hidden Potential with Sarah Saffari

May 24, 2021

Everybody makes mistakes, right? It’s part of the process of building a business and having successful outcomes from the business. One thing that is directly correlated with people who succeed is: they learn from the past mistakes. In this episode of the Hidden Potential Podcast, Sarah Saffari talks with Hannah Chan about the 7 business mistakes the majority of entrepreneurs make before generating high incomes.


“When we’re at the beginning of business there’s always the element of risk that you’re going to have to take.” – Hannah Chan


Shifting your mindset and taking new risks are important things to accomplish in order to succeed. The difference between people who experience successful outcomes in business from those who don’t is their ability to deal with pressure, to seek opportunities that make them grow, to create huge changes with a not-so-huge audience and to respond well to pressure.


“It doesn’t really come down to skillset, or how good you are at sales, or how much charisma you have. It really comes down to your decision making process.” – Hannah Chan


Hannah also explains that what differentiates you from everyone else is your personal story and that’s the exact thing that makes people buy from you. Although the solution is extremely important to have as a reputable business owner, people first buy from a place of emotion and connection which leads to the solution. If you’re looking to be ahead of the game, come up with new strategies and, most importantly learn from past mistakes, this episode is exactly what you need!


“It’s way more than giving value and giving tips and posting consistently. It’s more about being super specific with the problem that you’re calling out.” – Hannah Chan


About Hannah Chan

Hannah Chan is a business mentor, entrepreneur and business coach who also has a career in powerlifting. Having helped over 300 fitness professionals to reach 6 figures in the online business, Hannah believes that our personality and personal journey are the decisive factors to succeed in business, but only if you learn from your mistakes.


Key Timestamps

[02:19] – Hannah’s early steps on building a coaching business;

[05:45] – Why having courage is fundamental to scale your business;

[11:26] – The #1 mistake entrepreneurs make;

[16:55] – Do you ever wonder why you can’t share your message?

[21:03] – People don’t buy solutions, they buy connections;

[31:48] – Hannah explains why your personality matters to your business;

[39:22] – How your journey impacts your audience;

[43:25] – Go to the next level of your business with these 3 simple tips;


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