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Hidden Potential with Sarah Saffari

May 31, 2021

Love is part of living a fulfilled life, but sometimes what’s supposed to be easy can become draining. When we have a hard time dating, choosing a partner, being happy with relationship decisions and repeating old behaviors, this fun thing is no longer enjoyable. Listen to this episode of the Hidden Potential Podcast, where Sarah Saffari talks with Evan Marc Katz about how to find true love when it’s the only missing piece.


“If you’ve been told your whole life: ‘relationships take work’, that’s the myth we’re trying to obliterate. Good relationships are easy, bad relationships take a lot of work.” – Evan Marc Katz


When we’re open to new relationships and finally meet a person, there is this one thing called chemistry that we so desperately look for. Do we like the same things? Does he/she make me laugh? Do we enjoy the same places, music, and food? Are we going somewhere with this? All of these are valid questions, but how much chemistry is enough? Evan explains that this initial excitement and attraction can get in the way when we try to see who that person really is.


“You can see a person much more clearly when you’re not blinded by attraction.” – Evan Marc Katz


You will also hear good points on identifying a toxic relationship early on and how to spot red flags: indicating the person may not be the best choice or that the relationship might be a dead end. Evan also talks about the main niche of his audience and why women make up the majority of his clientele.


“Men need more help, women ask for more help.” – Evan Marc Katz


About Evan Marc Katz

Evan Marc Katz is a dating coach for smart, strong, and successful women. He has written really instructive books about love and relationships, such as, ‘Why You’re Still Single.’ Evan started his coaching career by giving people advice over the phone while working at a dating company and realizing that he was good at it. From there, he started his journey as a coach helping people prioritize love over everything.


Key Timestamps

[01:39] – Evan explains how he got into coaching and his background with dating;

[05:51] – Why women make the majority of Evan’s audience;

[08:52] – Is there a common problem when people look for a coach?

[11:49] – How can we differentiate chemistry and compatibility;

[20:22] – Attracting the right person for our life;

[34:55] – How can we get out of the same cycle of choosing the same partner;

[41:08] – How to identify red flags early in the relationship;

[44:30] – What’s the role of a coach when helping women with repetitive behaviors;

[47:20] – Evan shares a story about his own dating experiences;


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