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Hidden Potential with Sarah Saffari

Jun 28, 2021

Each person is unique, which is shown through our actions, thoughts, and emotions. This specific energy is accountable not only for our relationships and the way we communicate with the world, but also for our work and business. The task then becomes knowing what this energy is and how we can play with it. Our human design can help us immensely, but only if we are able to, ultimately, access it.


“We’re making decisions every single day. Human design really reminds us of how to do that in a way that feels really aligned.” – Erin Claire Jones


In this episode of the Hidden Potential Podcast, Sarah sits down with Erin Claire Jones to discuss more about the concept of human design. Erin explains that there are 5 types of human designs (5 operating systems) and every person identifies more or less with one of these systems. By discovering your human design, you can express a language that is exclusively yours, find the things you’re the best at, understand your area of expertise more easily, and be more aligned with your purpose.


“It’s about tapping into a deeper, inner knowing that is often, in some ways, inexplicable, but more reliable.” – Erin Claire Jones about Human Design


About Erin Claire Jones

Erin Claire Jones is a leadership coach whose method Human Design has been helping a great amount of companies and individuals to find their purpose, be aligned with it, and handle other areas of life by working on it. Also a speaker and a guide, Erin has been featured in famous media platforms such as Forbes and Well&Good.


Key Timestamps

[01:38] – Erin explains the concept of Human Design;

[05:15] – Different people express different areas of expertise;

[11:28] – How the time you were born impacts your Human Design;

[15:48] – The 5 unique operating systems of Human Design;

[34:00] – How our Human Design correlates with unusual energies/environments;

[36:49] – Different Human Designs make different decisions;

[41:42] – Erin explains that Human Design is a tool to improvements;


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